Sad Bastard Music

by Stella Park

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released November 5, 2015


Recorded @ The Blasting Lab (Kent, OH) in August, 2015
Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Jeremy Van Dress
Mastered @ Cauliflower Audio (Lakewood, OH) by Adam Boose
All lyrics & music by Jeremy Van Dress
C & P Just Pick Any Name and Go With it Music, ASCAP
Cover Art by David Munson


Nathan Satola: bass/vocals
Jeremy Van Dress: vocals/guitar
Derek Warfle: drums
Keith Krysiak: guitar



all rights reserved


Stella Park Kent, Ohio

Indie / Pop / Punk band from Kent, OH originally formed in 2009.

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Track Name: Last Call to Lose it All
Tonight's the perfect time to imbibe alcohol
and conversate on topics so bizarre, non-sensical
Let's head down to the lake where most will drink
and some will bake
Then we'll head to the bar
Blast punk rock songs through my best friend's car

Baby, I mean it, I'm over you
and I don't wanna be friends
I don't really think there's any other way to say it

Tonight's the perfect time to do something we'll regret
and wake up with a pounding feeling in my fucking head

Right now it's closing time
My cell phone rings and to no surprise it's you
Wanting to continue

Here's a shot, here's a shot to remember
Here's a shot, here's a shot now to forget
Every little thing you said to me was a lie
Now I drink the night away
With the one's who'll be there til the day I die

So maybe I loved you
It was my mistake cuz you ripped my heart apart
I don't really think there's any other way to say it
So I'll say it...
Track Name: Calling Out
This time it’s for real
This time I won’t be fake
I’ve fallen for you every time I awake
Do you feel the same or do you really hate
Why it took so damn long
Just for me to feel this strong?

I live my life with disregard
Cuz breaking promises is not that hard
I swear I care enough to try to mend your heart
Before it falls apart and turns you grey

When you’re all alone are ya thinking of me?
When you drive your car do you pass by my street?
There are things I do that you never will see
Cuz frankly they’re just too plain embarrassing

So please believe
That what I want could be just what you need
I swear I care enough to try to mend your heart
Before it falls apart and turns to grey

I’m calling out baby whatcha doin’ tonight?
I’m calling out, I’m calling out

And now I’ve got you on the telephone
I’m wanna take you somewhere we don’t go
Right now’s the perfect time to take a ride
So whatcha doin’ tonight?
Track Name: Rewind
Searching for a reason why
We said those words
You said goodbye
Looking for answers in pictures of you
Would this have been different
If I knew we were through?
Good times come
Good times go
Where they've gone no one knows
There was a time when you were all mine
I can't hit reset, rewind

It's over, it's over
Take me home
Wanna be alone
You were the best I've ever known

Unbearable feelings
I know them well
I'd say that life is a living hell
Recalling that summer, her swimming pool
Unforgettable nights spent
Pretending I'm cool
Bad times come
Bad times near
Bad times stay
They're right here
I said I loved her a million times
If she thinks she loves me
Ya right
Track Name: That Night
I never did exactly know myself
Until you came around that day
Mid-September never looked so well
Before the leaves started to change
Cuz it was just another summer day
Til I ran away with you

That night it was you and me baby that night
Underneath the stars in the sky
In between the time of our lives
It all began that night

I never trusted in dreams coming true
Until I met you that day
You wore a smile that matched my new T-shirt
It was bright as bright could be
And it was just another Saturday
Til I ran away with you

Heaven lost an angel that night
Falling from the highest of heights
Perfectly perfecting my life
It all began that night

And it was just like any other day
Til I ran away with you
Track Name: Out of My Mind
Sometimes when I'm alone at night
I wonder if you'll ever come back again
Cuz lately I'm not doing so good
Nothing's going just the way it should

I'm going out of my mind
I'm not feeling right
I'm going out of my mind
Out of my mind
These are the worst of times
I'm going out of my mind yah

Today I woke up far from home
Lying next to someone so unknown
And I wish that this didn't hurt so bad
Desperation, it's driving me mad

I need something to take away the pain in my brain
As time goes by the pain gets worse each day
Oh no, oh no and as the seasons change
So do you...
Track Name: The Distance Between Stars
You are the distance between stars
The song inside my heart
I’ll sing until my lungs give out
Tonight I’m cosmically alone
Stranded far from home
I don’t think love can save us now

Listen and you will hear me breaking
And if I’m not mistaken
There’s no hope left in these eyes
It’s no surprise

How can you love if you’ve never been loved?
When do you say enough is enough?
How can you fall asleep if not to dream tonight?

Somewhere you will find me there
Lost in my despair and tired from isolation
Somehow the fire will be out
As these words fall from your mouth
“I thought you’d never make it”

Follow, follow me I’ll show you
How we can continue together
We can make this right
It just takes time

And where do you go when you wanna be alone?
How can you love if your heart is hollow?
How can you fall asleep if not to dream?

I’m lost without a clue
I’m lost when without you
I’m lost without a clue
Track Name: Faithless
Love lingers on before it dies
It's only a matter of time
Til I've lost faith in everyone
I guess I'll wait til the morning comes

I'd walk through fire for you
If fire could not hurt me
and I would swim the ocean blue
But there's no sense in drowning
If this takes faith to make this
I love you still but I'm faithless

Before you walk right out that door
Just know this will be nevermore
You lived your life behind my eyes
Strung me along in your web of lies

I'm only writing to say I'm sorry
I'm also writing to say that I've given up for good
I guess it's safe to say
We'll go our separate ways
and someday we'll meet again
But for now this is the end
Yah for now this is the end

Love lingers on before it dies
Love lingers on before it dies
Love lingers on
Love lingers on and on and on...
Track Name: Start Over
I could feel a change in something
The leaves were falling
Snow was coming
And I could see a difference in you
I knew it wasn’t long til we’d be through

But if you only believe we can start this over again

I still recall July last summer
When we fell in love with each other
Now I have to write to tell you
I think it’s for the best we continue

Is this how it’s gonna be?
We’re giving up everything we had
Breaking promise rings
Tossing photos in the trash