How to Win Friends While Under the Influence

by Stella Park

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released November 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Stella Park Kent, Ohio

Indie / Pop / Punk band from Kent, OH originally formed in 2009.

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Track Name: Run Away
Out of the shadows another monster follows me home
Where it's image gets clearer when I look in the mirror

I wanna run away
I gotta leave
I can not stay
Until the dark side fades away
Can you see it?

Out of the silence the violence deafens me
Getting more than I wanted
This house is so haunted
Track Name: Heartbreak
So here's another heartbreak
I think I'll drink myself to death to alleviate the stress
I met you at the wrong time
This could have worked in a different life
Maybe we could still be friends

I'm breaking down the wall
and I never thought I'd fall in love

Goodbye to happy endings
Goodbye to us pretending
Everything will be alright
But it was a matter of time
I'm really sorry and I never meant to hurt you
I'm really selfish and I probably don't deserve you
Everything will be alright
Maybe in another life

I can't stand it
My heart won't understand it
It's telling me to hold on and never let go
Love is brutal
The resistance futile
Yah there's nothing that I can do...
Track Name: Shoot for the Stars
Come with me we'll take a ride
Throw out your fears and drop your life
We'll drive away into the sun
and we won't stop til the day is done

Why do we care?
Is it fair when we're suffocating?
The future's growing small

It feels so good to be alive
There's no one hear to cause us strife
We'll take a walk down by the sea
We'll lose ourselves eventually

Life always tells us to...
Don't hold your hopes so high
Don't wish on stars up in the sky
Don't fall for dreams tonight
Don't ever wonder why
Track Name: My Valentine
Girl you got control of me
I think it feels good
Spin me round and round
Turn me inside out

Girl you know it's true
Whenever I'm with you I get the chills
Whenever you're not here it really kills
I'll take you to dinner
You'll like it a lot
I'll tell the whole world my valentine rocks

Girl it's not unusual
Guys like me are completely inept
Forget what I just said
Get it through your head...

I'll buy you flowers and get you a card
That says "I love you" and "you have my heart"
Cuz I want you and I need you
Tell me you feel the same
and I'll continue to take you to dinner
You'll like it a lot
I'll tell the whole world my valentine rocks

Please don't ever get me down
I'll go 6 feet underground
Please say you'll stay with me forever and ever
Track Name: Morning Glory
Waking up on the bathroom floor
It's the obvious conclusion of the night before
As the clock tick tocks the seconds away
I feel reverberations decimating my brain
Look at sun it's just like a gun
Aiming at my face I guess I should turn and run
But the motivation's lacking inside
To tell the truth it's nothing new
It's just my life

Please someone save me from the monster I've become
I'm losing faith losing my momentum

I'm moving on and on without you
Moving on and on without you
I'm gone for good is what she said
Now get it through your head